La Patronne

Furnishing 't Huis van Oordeghem requires a lot of creativity and expertise, as well as the right furniture and especially the right upholstery. That is why 't Huis van Oordeghem places high priority on personalized cushions in quality fabrics.

From its sample room with more than 2,000 fabrics, La Patronne presents a customized mood board to its customers. From Etro and Loro Piana over Limonta to Pierre Frey and Hermès, the finest brands are complemented by their own collection of top-notch fabrics.


Even more than in the interior, quality is essential for outdoor upholstery. The sun has no effect on La Patronne fabrics and the colors retain their intensity. In this way, the fabrics succeed in permanently elevating an outdoor setting to a higher level.

The tactility, the colors, the prints, but equally details such as stitching, piping and pasmanterie make for an endless range. The creativity of 't Huis van Oordeghem together with the know-how of a local sewing atelier, that is the 'Cushion Couture' of La Patronne.


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