Conviviality trumps

Every corner in this beautiful garden on the Belgian coast invites people to gather. From the cozy sofa under the patio to Baxter's designer chairs, everyone will find a way to relax here, while the children can play in complete safety.

The green character of the spacious garden is further emphasized by Paola Lenti's unique dining table. After all, each lava stone tile is different and sparkles like a jewel in the sun. Throughout the sage-green ceramic, the caramel color also emerges, uniting the different seating areas in color.
The upholstery of the chairs was expertly matched by La Patronne to the look and feel of the dining table. Cushions in a soft sage green, bordered in a green accent color.

Although the whole of the garden refers to earthy tones and natural materials, 't Huis van Oordeghem also wanted to bring out the spunk and young character of the residents in the design. The result is shades of orange that literally make the sun shine. Sage-green accents also reappear in the details around the pool.

The S-shaped sofa subtly divides the terrace into two distinct atmospheres. On one side there is a more formal low dining setting for aperitifs, on the other there is the space to flop down in the lounge.
A distinction that keeps all options open and gives people every freedom to move freely between those atmospheres. To stimulate that movement, no sharp corners and edges were deliberately created but everything is in function of an organic flow.

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