A touch of vintage

Sometimes inspiration is just there for the taking. In this case, it's the beautiful renovation that architect Simon de Burbure did on a 1960s villa. We continued that sixties vibe in the color palette of the garden, with many shades of brown, rust, beige and yellow ochre. Hues that immediately create a very relaxed atmosphere, and that is exactly what the client wanted to see realized here. A place where everyone can be à l'aise.

For the family in this home, it didn't have to be too clean and sleek at all.
Once the base was made of very high-quality materials was right, we added playfulness with the help of the custom-made pillows. Not only do they highlight the patina of the rust-colored table, no two pillows are identical. Some differ in color, while others have a striped pattern. Feel free to call it an orchestrated chaos of colors and patterns.

By never working with traffic white but invariably opting for beige and so-called off-whites, that vintage feel continues to run throughout the garden.

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