Casual Comfort.

Increasingly, we see that a luxury project does not necessarily have to exude prestige or bling bling. Quite the opposite: a comfortable and accessible experience of top design is increasingly at the top of our clientele's wishes. And that was no different in this project, where top pieces from brands such as Baxter, Gloster and Tribù guarantee that ultimate comfort.

In this exceptional project by architect Anja Visser, the line between inside and outside was blurred and 't Huis Van Oordeghem was also responsible for furnishing the relaxation area inside. Main wishes here were casual atmosphere created by the most comfortable pieces on the market.

The casual atmosphere was carried through to the various terraces, where cozy cushions and warm colors prevail. They also provide that inviting effect, both residents and guests immediately feel at ease here. Colors and materials here were kept rather sober ecru to draw attention to the beautiful view of the garden and orchards.

In the sitting area by the fireplace on the terrace, colors and motifs were combined. The atmosphere here is perfected mainly by details: a basket, a side table in ceramic, a cozy pouf, ...


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