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These days, the HvO barn is bathed in earth tones such as rust brown, warm bordeaux and green interspersed with old pink accents.
Here and there, vintage prints are used in the cushions to create a link between old and new design. Paola Lenti remains, as a top Italian label, the showpiece within 't Huis van Oordeghem.

The possibilities with the collection, finishes, materials and use of color are an absolute blessing for the design team in Oordegem. The artisanal side tables made of individually colored tiles act almost like jewels for the garden or terrace. In addition, 't Huis van Oordeghem also continues to innovate with its own designs such as the stylish Autel table and bench. A set that lends itself perfectly to the green decor of a garden, creating a kind of resting point, a focus.

Speaking of focus, Studio Verne's photography completes our setting so we can receive clientele in style. But let us start with making an appointment.

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