Hip to be Square.

Where old and new come together: an authentic square farmhouse with modern pavilion and stunning views of the Scheldt countryside beyond.

A project into which 't Huis Van Oordeghem could put its heart and soul. A good click with the owner ensured that the entire interior was entrusted to us. The great art here was to do full justice to the old, lived-in character of the square farmstead while at the same time making the link with the modern, new pavilion with swimming pool in the back. Timelessness became the code word.

Alinea's breakfast table rises like a sculpture rather than just a table. Inspired by the travertine floors, the table leg was also executed in the same material. The same table also returns in this project in a different format, in order to guarantee that sense of unity as much as possible.

The accents in old pink establish the link between the terrace and the pool house, where the same pink is echoed in the designs of Italian luxury label Paola Lenti. The light wood and shades allow for a seamless transition between the home on the one hand and the beautiful Scheldt landscape in the distance on the other.


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