Sea View

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At the service of the sea.

Everything in this breathtaking villa revolves around the sea view. The understated character of the travertine, the massive architecture and the soft color palette.

This awe-inspiring sense of nature was also carried through into the outdoor furniture, albeit with a playful element here and there in the form of artisan tile tables.

The owners are people we have had the pleasure of working with many times before. Of course, it is very helpful when you already have a relationship with the residents. But that also makes it extra challenging. With repeat customers, we want to see that surprise on their faces every time we deliver a project. The design of the outdoor furniture in this case is a continuation of the massive architecture: robust and sober, both in form and color. The blue accents, the figures on the tiles and the poufs break this simplicity in a playful way. So that a vacation feeling is still immediately aroused when entering this terrace.


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